Step 2: Build a Better Gate Valve!

Picture of Build a Better Gate Valve!

All the available plans for ram pump valves are based on converting a conventional foot valve to operate in reverse. The trouble with this solution is you end up with a valve that is flimsy, wobbly and unreliable. It works, but it wears out too fast and jams up too much. My design takes care of it by starting from scratch and making it strong. My wife says I am strong like bull and smart like tree so I make everything I build that way. I also like to use whatever I have around the farm so that is exactly what I did. You could build it prettier and simpler, but recycling scrap is a priority around these parts, especially if you are broker than the ten commandments… This project really paid off for us, it just works great.

You need the picture of all the valve parts to see that it’s easier to build than than it sounds below…so let’s GO…

I had a 2″ to 1.5″ copper reducer with a short piece of 1.5″ pipe attached and that makes the valve body. I also had a 6″ brass tail stock sink connector that I inverted and soldered inside the reducer because that had a nice smooth lip that makes a perfect valve seal with no work at all. If you have a new reducer and smooth it off with sand paper, you likely don’t need the tail stock step but you do need a smooth edge for the valve seal to contact or else you will not get it working. Now drill minimum 2 (or 4 is better) 3/4″ holes through the pipe just above the reducer and smooth the edges and presto, your exhaust port is all done.

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