Travel Bucket List Ideas for a TRUE Adventure Traveler

Adventure travel: noun. A vacation or trip to a natural environment or remote location with the specific purpose of active physical participation and exploration of a new experience.

This definition is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Everyone sees adventure travel differently, so it’s hard to come up with the ultimate definition, let alone the ultimate travel bucket list. Whether your family makes an annual trip to the Sahara to ride camels or you’re wondering if you’ve ever even participated in adventure travel, know this: adventure travel is a unique way to see the world.

Cavern with water
Maybe you’ve never heard of spelunking, but we think you should try it anyway.

Adventure travel destinations are popping up all over the world and catering to a wider range of travelers. You don’t have to be an adrenaline junky to experience adventure travel. For some, just having a new experience in a new place counts, because all that matters is finding travel programs with a purpose. Even though adventure travel looks different for everyone, start planning your next trip abroad by checking out this adventure traveler’s bucket list:

1. A great jumping off point – The Nevis Bungy – New Zealand

It’s the highest bungy jump in New Zealand, towering 439 feet over the Nevis River in Queenstown. In order to get here, you need to take a 35-minute long adrenaline-pumping journey in a four-wheel drive, crossing a high country sheep station before gearing up at the bungy site. Strap on your harness, then jump into a cable car that takes you to the jump pod. Before you know it, you’ll be falling at speeds of nearly 80 miles an hour. Dare ya not to scream!

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