Top 8 Skiing Tricks That Will Immediately Boost Your Leadership

The worst advice comes from your spouse.

Never learn to ski or snowboard with your spouse. It won’t end well. For ten years in Europe I used to ski with a large group of friends and consistently, if a couple decided not to take lessons and give each other advice, it would without fail end in arguments at the top of a mountain. Don’t listen to your spouse as the sole advisor of your business. Get expert wisdom elsewhere.

If you fail, get right back on it.

My first time skiing we arrived at the top of the mountain in Italy to attend ski school, but it was the wrong mountain. With no ski lift down, I had to attempt to ski when I had never skied before. Within a few minutes I was on my back, having fallen over and hit my head on ice. I was stretchered off the mountain and had six stitches in the back of my head. That was the fastest ever lesson to lean forwards not backwards when skiing and I went straight back to skiing the next day. When you make mistakes, get right back to trying.

Find the right pace maker

When I first started to learn to ski I hated skiing with my friends who were all ridiculously better than me. Instead, I would book myself into full day ski lessons where I could ski with people who were about the same level or slightly better than me. Find the right pacemakers to spend time with as you grow and build your business

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