Top 8 Skiing Tricks That Will Immediately Boost Your Leadership

I love the exhilaration of blasting down a mountain skiing. I have just spent the last week in awe at Lake Tahoe taking in the amazing views and the latest fresh snowfall. As I was enjoying our family vacation, it occurred to me that there were many parallels between skiing and remarkable leadership that I distilled into these 8 tricks you can apply today:

Don’t be afraid of speed.

It is harder to ski slowly than ski fast. It requires more effort more energy and you don’t progress as rapidly. Just like your business. Don’t look for the most cautious route to achieving your goals. Don’t zig-zag your way around, point your skis vertically, duck, and embrace the speed.

Take lessons from those better than you.

Too many marketing experts have never marketed anything but themselves, too many leadership experts have never proven they can lead. Just like you wouldn’t take ski lessons from someone who has never skied a black run, make sure you are listening only to those credentialed to give you advice.

Embrace anticipation.

Studies have shown that the act of looking forward to an event is almost as exhilarating as the event itself. While that research puts surprises on the back burner, the anticipation of the first ski lift up on the first morning skiing cannot be beaten. How are you building anticipation with your team about your next significant milestone?

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