Top 15 Best Wearable Action Cameras For Extreme Sport

If you are crazy enough to capture all exciting moments of your life but without using your hands for this task then you definitely need to buy a wearable action camera. It allows users to record everything in while keeping their hands free and the best part is that most of these are designed with outstanding qualities like water resistant, shockproof, freeze resistant and many more.

Some of these can also be controlled via voice commands or remote applications hence they serve like best tool for athletes, professionals and beginner photographers. The wearable cameras can be clipped to almost all kind of surfaces; you can attach them to helmet, hat, harness, belt, T-shirt and even on your pets.

What to look for while buying a wearable action camera

Now you must be well aware of the fact that a wearable camera can help you enjoy your lifestyle in unique way and it can record everything for you on the go. But if you are new to camera world and are confused while making decision after watching so many competitive brands then it is good to make a list about what you must look for while buying an action camera. Below are few important features that your camera must have:

  1. Photo and Video Quality: First of all you must compare the photo as well as video quality of your camera so that it can create high resolution end results and your videos can be YouTube ready right after recording.
  2. Camera weight, size and shape: Bullet shaped cameras are considered to be best if you want something to mount on your helmet whereas for chest mounting needs you must go ahead with box shaped cameras. A heavy camera unit will not fulfil your recording needs while biking or surfing so prefer to buy lightweight one with a small size.
  3. Streaming and Connectivity: It must be equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options so that you can easily share, stream and view your collections on other devices. It also helps to operate your camera from remote locations via phone. Prefer to buy a camera that allows direct synchronization with websites for live streaming.
  4. Storage Capacity: Of course it must be higher, usually wearable action cameras can have microSD card capacity somewhere between 4GB to 120GB so you can make decision accordingly. Prefer to carry additional cards on your long tours.

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