TOP 10 of the most challenging ski-slopes in Canada

Canada is not short of terrifyingly steep terrain for expert or advanced skiers seeking their next jaw-dropping chute. Double Diamond routes are found in almost all ski resorts and every one of them surprises skiers with its unique curves and rocky terrain.  These slopes are not for the faint of heart and definitely not for anyone who’s only been skiing a few times. But for the advanced skier looking for their next conquest? They will be everything their ski dreams are made of.

Dynamite at Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, near Montreal

This slope is famed in ski circles for its steepness. Skiers will need to slowly twist their way down this short by very vertical and narrow chute.

Charlie’s Bowl at Jasper National Park, Alberta

This challenging slope is mostly made up of double black diamond terrain, and as the name suggests there are large bowl-shaped dips in the snowy ground. Any skiers will need to be skilled enough to pick up speed for small uphill climbs.

Look Out Chutes at Lake Louise, Banff

If you’re looking for a powdery unkempt mountain side punctuated by evergreens, this slope is for you. Found in the Lake Louise Ski Resort, skiers will find this sheltered freestyle slope in the Larch section of the park.

Gun Run at Mt. Norquay, Banff

Not only is this considered the most difficult run in Canada, but the resort itself is home to several of the steepest slopes in the country. The mixture of perfectly prepared slopes and ungroomed territory makes this an advanced skier’s heaven.

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