The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Workouts: Top Exercises To Gain Muscles And Build Strength

It’s a truism in the health and fitness industry that you need to lift weights if you want to build bigger muscles and become stronger. In fact, weightlifting is also crucial if weight loss is your goal.

Bodyweight workouts are often neglected yet the most practical and effective way to build muscle mass. These exercises require more intense engagement of your muscles and bring great results when performed correctly.

Start doing bodyweight exercises for massive gain

What’s a Bodyweight Workout?

Body weight exercises require you to lift weights and strain against resistance. However, for these, you don’t need any type of weight or special equipment at all.

You don’t need a barbell or dumbbells, or straps that require you to pull against them. Instead, the exercises just use your own weight as the resistance that helps you to build bigger muscles.

Surely you’ve heard about pushups and pull-ups? Those are very famous examples of exercises using body weight.

What are the Benefits of Body Weight Exercises?

Let’s list down several of the most common reasons why these bodyweight exercises are so beneficial for you:

1. Like other weightlifting exercises, these bodyweight versions allow you to strengthen and enlarge your muscles. You can also even sculpt these muscles for a more impressive look.

Basically, these exercises can make you stronger and also more honed in your appearance.

2. These exercises require very little in terms of equipment. If you do pushups, all you need is a clean floor to plant your feet and palms.

For pull-ups and chin-ups, you just need a strong pole that can bear your weight as you pull yourself up.

So this means you save a lot of money as you don’t have to buy weights or get a gym membership to access the barbells.

3. These are also very convenient for you because you can just do these exercises at any time. You have a few minutes to spare at work in your office? You can do a few pushups for a while.

You can have a pole installed on your doorway, and that’s good enough for a few pull-ups. There’s no time to waste getting the dumbbells out, and of course, you don’t have to go on the road to the gym.

4. You also reduce the risk of injury when you’re not dealing with heavyweights such as barbells.

For barbells, you need a spotter for certain exercises. You can also drop the weight on your foot and hurt yourself.

Injuries can also result if you overstrain yourself and attempt a weight that’s beyond your current lifting capacity.

With just your body weight as the resistance, these risks are virtually eliminated. Since you’re only dealing with our own weight, it’s not as easy to strain your muscles. You certainly don’t need a spotter either!

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