The Three Unspoken Rules of the Hiking Trail You Need To Know

The views from Alaska are bigger, wider, and more beautiful than any place I have been and I have traveled all over the world. There is nothing better than waking up early on a summer day, the sun is already shining, and the trails are calling my name. I take myself to the mountains, fresh air already filling my body with joy and happiness. I walk about a mile in and what happens? “You’re gonna make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world…” blaring out of someone’s personal speaker. A group of hikers taking over the whole trail talking loudly, music blaring from their personal speaker, one smoking a cigarette which he smashes against a tree and drops the butt, their dog doing his business that they neglect to pick up. WHAM! My whole hike is ruined.

From the well-traveled hikes at Glen Alps in Anchorage to the more elusive wilderness trails in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska is home to stunning hikes which attract visitors from around the world. We love to share the beauty of our home with all who come by. More often than not, you have a question and we will answer it, in detail, with way more than you wanted to know. But one thing we request is to show our home some respect and have a little trail etiquette. Not sure what that is? Let me help you out.

Leave No Trace Just like a highway, trails have unspoken rules that avid hikers follow. Probably the most important is to follow the teachings of Leave no Trace. LnT is a short set of suggestions that allow us to enjoy nature for years to come. The LnT website outlines 7 principles for safe, sustainable trail and wilderness usage. These principles are listed at the end of this blog. Basically, be prepared for your hike, do your research, be considerate of others, and respect the plants and animals in the area. 

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