The Sneaky Tip That Can Help You Lose the Last 7 Pounds

It’s a tale as old as time. You’ve come far in your weight loss, found a diet and exercise that work for you, and shed your goal weight — well, most of it. The last five to 10 pounds can be the hardest to shake, and often the old tricks don’t work.

There’s a method behind the madness; the slimmer you become, the fewer calories you burn just going about your day, explains Madelyn Fernstrom, Ph.D. For every pound you lose, your metabolism slows by up to 20 calories a day. We found the sneaky, day-to-day changes you can make to drastically improve your chances of dropping that last bit of weight.

1. Take your coffee black

Cups of expresso surrounded by coffee beans

A plain cup of black coffee can do wonders for your weight loss but is significantly less tempting than a blended, flavorful coffee or latte.

Frappuccinos, breves, and flavored lattes pack higher calories and cost more than zero-calorie black coffee. Opt for a skim, soy, or low-fat cappuccino, doppio, or sugar-free flavors if black coffee won’t do it for you. Registered dietitians agree that it’s also important to regulate liquid calories when trying to lose weight.

2. Log each meal

Overweight Woman On Diet

A study found that keeping a food diary six days a week helped dieters lose around twice as much weight as those who only recorded their meals once or twice.

Food journaling helps you remain accountable for your choices while figuring out where those extra, sneaky calories may be coming from. Write as you go and track your cheat meals, too, for the best results.

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