The 8 Most Challenging Hiking Trails in America

Whether you’re up for tackling dangerously steep inclines or running into snow during the warmest months of the year, you’ll find your next weekend adventure among these trecherous treks.

With summer unofficially over and your beach days numbered, now’s the perfect time to plan your next outdoor adventure, like hitting one of the gnarliest hiking trails in the U.S. To help your pick a destination, we’ve rounded up eight of the toughest treks, which might be closer than you realize.If you’re an experienced hiker and in fairly good shape, most of these hikes can be done in one day, though a few of the longer ones can be broken up into two days. But take caution: These trails are no joke and require forethought to complete safely. (Note: We are not responsible for sudden clarity, stronger muscles, or any other blissful effects that come with the challenge.)

1. Skyline/Muir Snowfield Trail (9 miles)

Mount Rainier, WAThis chilly trail provides an intimidating alpine climb for those looking for up-close views of the towering Mount Rainier. It starts out easy with a breezy saunter through a mountain meadow. Then you’ll catch glimpses of cobalt lakes before vaulting up 2,800 feet in 2.2 miles to the Muir Snowfield. The abrupt vertical ascent isn’t the thing to be scared of, though. The nightmarish winter weather that can blow in off of the Pacific Ocean at anytime is what has contributed to the deaths of 87 climbers on the surrounding mountains. Mount Rainier is also an active volcano—good luck!20 Epic Adventures to Tackle In Your 20s >>>

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