The 7 Best Hiking Trails in Texas to See a Ghost

While town and city life is undeniably convenient, there comes a point when everyone needs to just get away from it all. Fitness, fresh air…suddenly priorities begin to shift, and all you want to do is run. Look no further. These are the seven best hiking trails in Texas to see a ghost.

The 7 Best Hiking Trails in Texas to See a GhostDavid Olsson/flickr

Sure, they might be a little spookier than some other trails you’ve been on…but these gems are worth the extra effort to experience.

So, grab your hiking boots, pick up a spirit box and hit the path. Maybe even bring a tent to stay the night. And you may even want to get a phone psychic reading ahead of time…just to make sure you stay safe.

7 Trails in Texas You Must Take if You Love the Paranormal

7) Cedar Ridge Preserve – Dallas, TX

The Cedar Ridge Preserve is a slice of nature in Dallas, and perhaps a slice of something quite sinister...durae j/yelp

This nature preserve has a number of hikes for varied experience levels, and is accessible to anyone who wants to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Some of the more advanced trails are quite rigorous, for those who are in need of a challenge. If you’re the type who likes ultralight backpacking, this is for you. The trek itself pays off when you arrive at the scenic view deck.

A beautiful and panoramic landscape awaits you. Lately, a few hikers have started reporting disorientation and strange, almost surgical like cuts on their wrists and ankles. A few have even said that they were struggling to keep their sense of time. Perhaps even more strange…one recent visitor experienced a sort of psychic ability, saying she was able sense other people’s thoughts for a short while.

Nobody is quite sure what the situation is, as it has involved very few people.

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