The 7 Best 360-Degree Cameras to Buy in 2018

360-degree video captures a world of possibility, bringing the panorama of life into your camera. Whether you want to use the footage for VR, are trying to capture your outdoor sports in all their glory or need security footage to keep your house safe, a 360-degree camera is a great option. The ones on this list are excellent entry points, no matter what your needs are. Just make sure to consider things like what kind of battery life and resolution you need before you buy.

Best Overall: Samsung Gear 360-Degree VR Camera

This camera wins our best overall pick. Even though it weighs just about half a pound and is priced at less than $100, the Gear 360 video quality is unmatched at this price point with near 4K resolution videos and 30 MP still photos. It achieves seamless 360-degree shots with front and rear cameras that each capture 180 degrees horizontally and vertically. Use the Gear 360 Manager app to share instantly on social media or Samsung VR. With F2.0 lenses, this camera shoots great video even in low light and it is water-resistant. Unfortunately, the Gear 360 manager app only works with Galaxy devices, but you can also edit and share using a computer and the free editing software with no problem. Optional lens covers and an underwater housing are available to purchase separately.

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