Surprising! These are the Most Commonly Broken Golf Rules

Dropping from a cart path. (Rule 24-2)

The rules require a player to drop within 1 club-length from the nearest point of relief, but on the same side of the path. A player cannot drop from a spot on the other side of the path, even if that means he has no choice but to drop into an unplayable lie, such as a bush or hedge. However, he can always play the ball from off the path itself.

Tapping down the line of putt. (Rule 16)

The rule states that a player is not permitted to wipe out, remove, or repair spike marks from the line of putt, which is the line between the ball and the hole. However, the rule permits you to remove foreign objects, such as pebbles, lying on this line, using your hand or the club. The penalty is a loss of hole in match play or a 2 shot penalty in stroke play.

Procedure for a lost ball. (Rule 27-1)

Golf players searching for ball

The rule states that a player shall not spend more than 5 minutes looking for a ball. However, here’s a catch―the timing begins the moment he starts looking for the ball, and not after he has hit the shot. At the end of the said 5 minutes, the player is expected to return to the spot where he had hit the prior shot, and a penalty stroke is added to his score. Most of the time, players spend more than the stipulated time in looking for the ball, causing unnecessary delay.

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