Surprising! These are the Most Commonly Broken Golf Rules

Golf is a fairly simple game, but the same cannot be said about some of its rules, which are difficult to comprehend. The result is that some golfers end up breaking the rules unintentionally, while others choose to give them a miss for the sake of convenience. There are 34 rules in all, each one with its own set of clauses and sub-clauses.

The rules that govern the sport are put forth by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and the Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland. If you’re a regular golfer, then you’ve probably broken a few rules here and there, at least once in a while. Interestingly, there are a handful of rules that get broken more frequently than the rest, and this SportsAspire article enlists 10 such rules for you.

Asking for advice and indicating line of play. (Rules 8-1 and 8-2)

Golf players talking

It is against the rules of play to ask an opponent what club they’ve used. A player is also prohibited to tell an opponent how to execute a swing. Also, touching the putting surface with the purpose of indicating the line of play is prohibited. However, you can point to a part of the green. Breaking this rule can lead to a loss of hole in match play or a 2 shot penalty in stroke play.

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