The fast-growing world of apps offers a host of useful aids for walkers and hikers. We do love maps. They are wonderful, tactile items. Like a bookcase of great reads, a container filled with maps is to be treasured. A used maps collection reveals many stories of favourite walks and areas. In fact, if you’re are embarking on a remote walk you should never leave home without a map popped into a waterproof case and then placed in your jacket pocket or rucksack, alongside a trusty compass.

However, there are numerous mapping additions in the 21st century and a wealth of great apps for your smartphone. As we have said, a map is your fail-proof method of navigation but a smartphone app can also be a wonderful asset when out in the hills and walking trails. You just need to remember that gadgets can stop working and batteries can always run out.

The choice and range of walking and hiking apps is huge, so we have picked some of the most useful.

9 walkers’ apps for smartphones

Macs Adventure logoMacs App

Platform: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free.

This blog post is certainly not intended as an advert for our own App, but since we first wrote this post back in 2013, we have worked hard on developing our own app that not only works in tandem with our wide range of walking trips but offers much more.

With the Macs App you have access to Global mapping, the same as many of the others offer below, but for free! The app has pre-loaded most of our tours, so you always have a backup in your pocket if you are feeling a bit lost. It runs in flight mode, so saves on battery and roaming charges and also keeps those pesky emails and interruptions at bay while you are immersed in the wilds. For more info and to download the app, you can visit our website or type Macs Adventure into the App Store or Google Play store.

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