25 Of The Best Multifunctional Hiking Apps You Should Have

25 Of The Best Multifunctional Hiking Apps You Should Have

The smart hiker knows that every item in his pack must be good for something. But, the clever hiker takes it one step further. He gets one item to do as many jobs as possible. How can you do it?

The answer: hiking apps. By choosing the best hiking apps, you take the extra weight off of your backand put it into your phone. Your smartphone turns into a multifunctional, lightweight lifesaver. The benefits for you? Less back pain, more informed hiker and greater trek enjoyment.  So, what are some of  the best hiking apps out there? Which ones will you fall in love with?

We’ve found 25 hiking apps that are a godsend and we are pretty sure that they will blow your socks off too. Let’s go!

Campfinder-  Let’s imagine that you need a place to stay. Maybe you don’t know of any or you don’t like the one you’ve found. We are certain that Campfinder will help you find the ideal place to camp. It gives you access to campground reviews and photos so you know what you’re getting into before you go. Search from 10 to 100 miles, by name, city and state and your current location. (iOSAndroid, $3.99)

GoSkyWatch Planetarium- As nightfalls, and you’ve reached a pollution free destination, GoSkyWatch Planetarium is all about enjoying the night sky. Wow yourself and your friends as you effortlessly locate planets, comets, stars galaxies and more. (iOS, Free)

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