Mass Workout for Legs – At Home Lower Body Barbell Workout

When it comes to lifting, too many people focus on one area of their body and then completely neglect other muscle groups. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day. We’ve created a monster of a mass building leg workout that you can easily do at home in your own living room – we’ve used barbells, but you can easily replace that with dumbbells or kettlebells (or any other kind of weight, just use caution if you’re going to improvise).

Remember, your first priority needs to be form. It’s not worth it to lift heavier and end up injured, plus, the exercises are actually more effective when you focus on form over amount of weight lifted. For example, think of how much you can lift when you’re cheating with a simple dumbbell curl – compare that with the challenge of doing slow, controlled curls without any momentum or swinging. Don’t move up in weight before you can control it – this is especially true of heavy lifting, and lifting at home where you might not have access to either equipment like a squat rack, or a spotter.

This lower body strength and mass workout is great for both men and women – women, even if you don’t want “bulky” legs, remember that because of hormone levels, it’s very difficult to gain size through strength training. Instead, you’re going to end up with defined, lean muscle mass that helps keep body fat at healthy levels, and a great looking set of legs.

If you’re really looking to build mass in that lower body, do fewer reps than we show – anywhere from 5-8. Also, take longer breaks in between sets – anywhere from 1-4 minutes.

Workout Structure
4 Groups of 2 exercises

Three times through per group

8 Repetitions each

You will need: A barbell; dumbbells or kettlebells can be used as a substitute
Warm up & cool down not included

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