Ice Buildup on Solar Panels No More: Researchers Find Solution

Specialists have recently discovered the solution to a problem that could potentially threaten all man-made structures: the build-up of ice on their surfaces.

Scientists have been observing that dangerous amounts of ice are occasionally building up on sensitive objects such as solar panels and power lines for years, however, they never found a solution to this issue until now.

While this phenomenon is not life-threatening most of the time, it is hard to ignore the dangers posed by a power cable that snaps under the weight of the ice attached to it, or the decreased efficiency of a frozen wind turbine.

Researchers working for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have began exploring a potential solution to this problem. They are looking at ways to remove the ice build-up by cracking it.

Now, a research team at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is working with a novel approach to prevent ice build-up– by cracking it.

Classical methods are not efficient

The method used until now implied spraying a thin layer of silicone on various surfaces in order to prevent the buildup of ice. This can be seen in the case of airplanes which are coated with de-icing fluid, in order to stop ice from sticking to their wings or other vital components.

While this method of resolving the issue may work for vehicles, it is not practical when it comes to industrial applications. Offshore rigs, wind turbines and solar panels can be sprayed with this substance, however, it would not be effective.

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