How To Re-Pot Indoor Plants and 5 Reasons Why You Should

How To Re-Pot Indoor Plants and 5 Reasons Why You Should

The long daylight hours of late spring are like rocket fuel for indoor plants. With the higher temperatures and increased light, your plants just want to spread their roots and grow, grow grow.

To take advantage of the peak growing season, this is the perfect time to re-pot or pot up your houseplants. Whether you’re putting your plant into a new vessel or simply refreshing the soil in its current home, your plant will be so thankful for the added space and nutrient boost provided by re-potting, and will show its thanks by creating lots of beautiful new growth!

Here’s a few tips about how to re-pot indoor plants to ensure they’re as happy and healthy as possible.

Did you know that plants don’t necessarily have to be moved into new containers to reep the benefit of a spring re-potting? Actually, if you’re going to graduate your plant to a roomier vessel, you’ll be “potting up” your friend, rather than just re-potting. Re-potting your plant into the same container works wonders by refreshing the soil and freeing up root space. Potting up should only be done when your plant has become root bound or overcrowded in its container.

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