How to Lose Weight Cycling: Simple Hacks for Weight Loss

Fuel up the smart way

If you want to learn how to lose weight cycling, it’s also important to focus on what’s on the end of your fork. The metabolism is often viewed like a calculator. Eat 3,500, gain a pound. Ditch those same calories and lose one pound instead. It turns out that the metabolism is more like a thermostat, simply adjusting to how much or how little food you provide the body with.

Everything you eat is a chemical signal, dictating how you will store the calories in that food. It makes sense when you think about eating 100 calories of chicken, versus 100 calories of cookies. One promotes fat gain, the other loss.

As Jonathan Bailor, author of the Calorie Myth explains, the goal is to eat smarter. Increase the quality of the foods you eat and that promote weight loss (good fats, proteins, fiber, nuts and seeds and lots of veggies and low-glycemic fruit) and you won’t have to count calories to slim down because you’ll naturally create an energy deficit.

Try it: Instead of gorging on pasta the night before a ride, try eating a sweet potato instead (yes, homemade sweet potato fries count).

Hack it: Try shifting some of the excess carbs you’re consuming through refined (anything that comes in a box) foods and eating more healthy fats instead. The body can utilize fat for fuel, just as it does carbs. We generally just don’t give it a chance to adapt.

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