Fall in Love with these Victoria Sunset Spots

Fall in Love with these Victoria Sunset Spots

With Victoria named Canada’s Most Romantic City we at Victoria Buzz thought what could be more romantic, than taking in a stunning sunset with the one you love, in one of the most beautiful places in the world?

We reached out to one of our favourite local landscape photographers Heather K Jones Photography to provide our readers with a glimpse of some of the best spots in and around town to view the sunset. Check out these dreamy locations:

Victoria’s Inner Harbour

Do a little downtown shopping, watch a busker, grab a bite with the one you love and then take in the sunset over the Inner Harbour. Bask in the warm glow, as the you remember why you fell in love – with Victoria! – in the first place.

Dallas Road

Stretching from Ogden Point to Clover Point, there are countless magical and often relative isolated spots to watch the sun sink beneath the horizon.

Clover Point

Step out of your car, and head down to the water’s edge at Clover Point on a calm evening. The reflections can be truly out of this world.

Ogden Point

Before the railings, or after the railings, this location is still a number one draw for Victorians to watch the sun go down. Head out and into the ocean, with those you love.

Macaulay Point Park

Stay on the main paths above, or head down steep paths to the rocky outcrops below, for a more secluded evening’s viewing. If you look carefully you will see the Ogden Point Breakwater and city panorama off in the distance.

Kitty Islet (McNeill Bay)

Oak Bay’s Kitty Islet just off Beach Drive, has gorgeous sunrise and sunset views. If you’re lucky enough you and your beloved can enjoy the view from the weathered deck chairs. Seals and otters are often seen in the water nearby.

Saxe Point

A beloved location for wedding photos, this small park has beautiful views of the sunset over the Salish Sea. Get out of the car, and explore the paths around this magical spot.

Mt. Doug

Drive, or hike to the top of Victoria’s Mt. Doug and catch the sun sinking over the city. There are a variety of vantage points, all with their own special charm. Hike to the very top, or just the smaller trails from the main parking lot, the views are all breathtaking.

Mt. Tolmie

Possibly the most popular spot in Victoria to drive and park, while you take in the dazzling sight of the sun disappearing over our beloved home. Afterwards, enjoy the twinkly romantic lights of the city’s night skyline.

French Beach

A little father afield, but a very popular spot for Victorians, is French Beach. Situated just an hour drive from Victoria, stay for the sunset, or camp overnight! This location offers not only breathtaking sunset views, but also year-round vehicle accessible camping.

Sandcut Beach

Just a short drive from Sooke, past French Beach, is one of the most dream-worthy locations for a sunset within easy reach of Victoria. To catch the sunset, bring a flashlight or headlamp for the short, but steep and by dusk – dark – hike back to the parking lot. The waterfalls cascade onto a pebble beach before disappearing into the ocean as the sun gleams off the water. The most magical sight you will behold!

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