Extreme Travel: 5 Bucket-List Worthy Trips

Extreme travel is about testing your limits, whether it’s swimming with sharks or surviving in the African bush. Either way, you’re bound to return home with more exhilarating memories than if you just sat on a beach for a week.

Intrepid Travel

As the name implies, Intrepid doesn’t shy away from venturing off the proverbial path in order to provide experiences that few other travel companies offer. Its Expedition trips are for the most adventurous, and the recently announced 2016/2017 lineup brings 12 limited-edition options, from traveling through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco with Berber nomads to searching for the super-shy snow leopard in the remote Ladakh region of India’s Himalayas.
However, if you really want to test yourself, try running a marathon along the Great Wall of China. Forget even, paved roads: about six miles of this course will be run along the Great Wall, parts of which aren’t restored. Other parts of the route involve numerous steps, slippery gravel paths and steep slopes. It’s considered one of the most challenging marathons in the world, making your hometown race seem like a walk in the park by comparison.
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