Enrich Your Hiking Lexicon With These 30 Little Known Terms

Enrich Your Hiking Lexicon With These 30 Little Known Terms

Don’t know your karst from your krummholz? Do you think holloway is used solely as a surname? Able to walk the walk but have no idea how to talk the talk? An ability to read the land and a basic understanding of trail conditions can be the difference between embarking on a hard slog and pure bliss.  Brush up on your hiking and camping terms with this short glossary.

ABC – Advance Base Camp. A lesser-equipped, less-comfortable camp serving as a launch pad higher on a mountain.

Abseiling – also known as “roping down.” A method of retreat, or for inspecting a climbing route.

Adz – ax-like tool used by trail maintenance to hack at stuff. Good for shaping wood in a trailish manner.

AMS – Acute Mountain Sickness. Occurs at high altitude due to diminished oxygen. Begins with shortness of breath, followed by swelling, flu-like symptoms, and eventually, death. Most people won’t experience symptoms until they reach heights well above 10,000 feet. Varies with the individual.

Bergshrund – A crevasse that separates the upper portion of a glacier from the mountain it backs into.

Bivouac — a temporary or makeshift shelter meant to protect hikers from inclement weather.

Black-Blazer – Someone — usually a disgruntled townie — who paints over or otherwise removes trail markers to prevent hikers from finding the trail.

Blue-Blazer – Term used by “thru-hikers” to describe those who will use shortcuts, connector trails, alternative trails, etc. periodically for a change of pace or break from monotony.

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