DIY CRAFTS PROJECT: 12 Unique Things To Make With Leaves That You Need To Try

I hate to break it to you, but the leaves are dying. Sure, they’re all pretty and orange right now and it looks great in photos for your ~fall aesthetic,~ but that’s because they’re dead. Stop crying, it’s fine, they’re supposed to do that. Fall is the time for cold air and colorful leaves that fall off the trees. Luckily for you, that means you can make amazing fall decor and DIY projects with all of those leaf piles that get blown around your yard. Even better is the fact that they are 100 percent free. Thanks, mother nature! We owe you one.

But now that you’ve gathered your pile of red orange and yellow (dead) leaves, what do you do with them? Answer: ANYTHING. Well, not really anything, but there are so many creative ways to use some leaves as awesome decor for your bedroom or dorm room. Small disclaimer: leaf projects are super cute and fun, but they also are nature, which means they might have some bugs on them. Please be careful when picking leaves to bring into your house, or go the safe route and buy some craft leaves! Now, lets get to it.

1.Decorate your pumpkins with leaves for a colorful addition to your front porch.



An easy and cute way to make your pumpkin “not like other pumpkins.” All of the other pumpkins will be jealous.

2.  Glam your leaves with glitter for some cute garland.



When  in doubt, put glitter on it. That’s a saying, right? Add some glitter onto leaves and hang them for a cute hanging decoration.

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