16 Easy DIY Perfumes You Can Create Yourself

On my dream beauty list, creating my own perfume in some fancy shop in Paris is right up there with having my own Sephora built into my house. The likelihood of either of those things happening is as high as receiving a marriage proposal from Nick Jonas in the mail. (Read: Zero) That being said, if you’re like me and you want your own perfume, you don’t need to abandon that dream completely. You can create your own fragrance yourself at home. Really.

I know, I know, creating your own perfume sounds complicated. You probably think that you need to turn your bedroom into a mini laboratory complete with test tubes, beakers, and rare and exotic ingredients. Thankfully, things aren’t that complicated. If you’ve ever DIYed your own lip balm or scrub, you’ll be pleased to know that creating your own scent isn’t any more complicated. All you need is a few different ingredients, like essential oils and a bottle, and a willingness to experiment. With a bit of playing around, you can end up with your very own one-of-a-kind scent that costs less than your average bottle of store-bought perfume. Sweet. Check out 16 DIY fragrances you can create yourself at home.

1. These mini perfumes don’t just smell amazing. They are also very Instagram-worthy thanks to the tiny dried flowers inside.


2. Can you think of anything more classic (and delicious) than a homemade vanilla perfume? It’s almost as good homemade as vanilla cake.



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