40 Genius Ways To Green Up Your Entire Bathroom Routine

4. Brush with Homemade Toothpaste

Forget those disposable tubes of toothpaste; you can easily make your own toothpaste with a few common ingredients. The results work as well as commercial options – but without the fluoride, microbeads, and other artificial flavors and ingredients.

Washing Up

Sudsing up in the sink shouldn’t be bad for the environment. These tips are designed to help you make a sustainable switch in how you handle this standard bathroom procedure.

5. Swap Out Your Antibacterial Soap

Consider yourself the victim of false advertising if you think your antimicrobial soap will get your hands cleaner than usual. FDA reports show that these products aren’t any better at washing away germs than standard soap, and they can trigger allergies, hormone disruption, and potentially even reproductive problems.

A better option? Stick to soap without antibacterial agents like triclosan and triclocarban to keep yourself clean AND safe.

6. Install Motion Sensors in the Sink

Make your bathroom resemble a fancy hotel and save water at the same time by installing a motion sensor faucet in the sink. By triggering a gentle release of water only when they sense something under the tap, this small upgrade can save you from wasting thousands of gallons of water each year.

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