25 Secrets To Longevity – How To Live Happier, Healthier & For Longer

6. Follow a Regular Sleep Schedule

Another proven factor that reduces health and lifespan is not getting enough sleep. The average adult needs around 8 – 9 hours each day. Try to follow a regular sleep schedule as often as possible.

7. Avoid Toxins Whenever Possible

Toxin chemicals exist all around us in our cleaning products, contaminating our food, and even floating around in the air we breathe.

8. Spend Time in the Company of Animals

Spending quality time with a four-legged friend can be a great way to de-stress and lengthen your lifespan. Walking a dog every day, for example, can lengthen your lifespan by an average of seven years!

9. Spend Time With Friends and Family

The trust and love that a person experiences with close friends and family members has a powerful effect on the entire body that will add years to your life. This is due to the “feel-good” chemicals dopamine and oxytocin which our brains produce as result of these emotions.

10. Know Your Family History

Knowing the medical background of your family tree can go a long way toward the preservation of your own health. Many critical illnesses are known to have genetic causes. If several members of your family have experienced such problems as heart disease, cancer, or any potentially life-threatening conditions, you’ll know in advance to look out for early warning signs.

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