Common mountain-bike mistakes the pros don’t make

3 Riding through water and sandĀ 
I know, charging into a stream is great fun. Water flies everywhere, and you get soaked. But so does your bike and its bearings.

This isn’t so bad if you grease the bearings as soon as you get home. But be honest. Aren’t you more likely to put the bike away in the garage until your next ride?

Meanwhile the water goes to work, and before long bearings and races are corroded. Your chain also becomes weaker due to the corrosion and will eventually decide to destruct in the midst of a particularly gnarly climb.

Sand is as bad as water and maybe even worse. Imagine all those fine steel balls smoothly rolling around in their coating of grease. Now add a little sand. If you doubt the possibility of sand penetrating well-greased bearings, ask the mechanics at many of the top cycling shops in Moab.

They don’t have to reach far to find examples. Save yourself substantial grief and take my word on the horrors of this.

Carry your bike or ride slowly across streams, puddles, and sand. Otherwise, lubricate your bearings after every exposure, and oil your chain before, during, and after every ride.

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