20 Easy DIY Clutch Tutorials You Didn’t Know You Needed

If there was ever a time to carry a small handbag around, it’s summer. Hot weather makes you want to get rid of as many layers as possible, and that includes extra accessories that can end up sticking to your skin or just feeling really uncomfortable when you’re sweating. Large handbags or backpacks and even crossbody bags start to feel cumbersome and heavy when it’s gross outside. You just want to feel as free as possible! This is why a good clutch is ideal for summer. You want one that’s big enough to hold your essentials (phone, wallet, keys, etc.), but small enough that it doesn’t annoy you the entire time you’re holding it. And, sure, you could buy one… or you could take your extra free time, get creative, and make one. DIY clutches are easier than you think! 

A lot of people reserve clutches for fancier occasions or when they’re going out and don’t want to be weighed down by a large bag, but I think they’re equally as great when used casually during the day. Tucked under your arm, they don’t feel as heavy or in the way. And these DIY clutches are perfect for daytime looks (although they work for those fancier events too!). Plus, there’s something for everyone here: we’ve got clutches you sew if you’re a DIY master, no-sew tutorials that are more low-maintenance, and even just some quick ideas on how to update a boring clutch you already have. Whatever you want, I bet it’s here. Check out these 20 easy DIY clutch tutorials and start crafting!

1. Go for boho flair with a tribal print clutch:



You can find a burlap clutch in most craft stores or online for a decent price, and then you can get creative and totally make it your own.

2. Make an old clutch look new again with a cool quote.



Buy a plain, super cheap clutch, then decorate it with a quote using a pretty colored marker. This is super simple and allows you to do basically do whatever you want.

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