Apple Watch Series 3 to Add Ski and Snowboard Session Tracking

Apple Watch Series 3 to Add Ski and Snowboard Session Tracking

The big news from the Cupertino, CA giant was the addition of a cellular radio to the wrist-worn device, enabling users to make and receive calls, messages, and emails independent of their iPhone. And potentially even more exciting is the ability to have ’40 million songs on your wrist’, with the connected device soon having (via a future software update) access to Apple Music.

No longer will we suffer from nomophobia if we leave our phone at home, in the car, in the locker or it dies from lack of charge or the extreme cold. For good, or bad, we can now be even more connected.

And from a safety point of view, if you have an accident or are involved in an avalanche, it could make calling for help and letting people know where you are, way quicker and easier.

But for fans of downhill pursuits, there may be even greater news. Whilst GPS was added to earlier revisions, making the Watch great for runners and cyclists, the latest and greatest has added a barometric altimeter for measuring the altitude. This will be great for those who hike, ski, snowboard or run up mountains.

During the presentation last week, Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, informed the collected media that in a very near-future software update (before winter) Apple will be adding ski and snowboard session tracking.

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