A perfectly adventurous day up North: Coasteering, Cycling, Betty’s Tea Rooms and a night out in Manchester

Someone once said to me, ‘What’s the point in going away for a weekend, you don’t get chance to do anything’. This blog post is for that person, the person who thought two days wasn’t long enough to have an adventure. I hope this post shows you that in just 24 hours you can do SO much and have such an incredible time you’d question why you’d ever go away for 2 weeks when you could have so many microadventures throughout the whole year.

It was the third day of my trip around the north of England with Visit England. On my first day I’d been in Northumberland at Bamburgh Castle and on my second day I’d been in the Lake District doing the Via Ferrata experience. And now it was time for even more adventure…

I’d stayed in Scarborough the evening before and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Scarborough is gorgeous. Like seriously beautiful. I’m not even sure why I didn’t think Scarborough was lovely but it really is. It has that old-fashioned, seaside resort feel with colourful buildings, a beautiful beach and the constant caw of seagulls in the salty air.

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