8 Affordable DIY Generators The Utility Companies Absolutely Hate

Building Homemade DIY Generators

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Right? If you want DIY electricity, you can look to the sky, look to the sea, look in the ground, look in your garage…

The potential for electrical generation is everywhere.

This is good because no matter the situation, the possibility for electricity generation is there. You just need to understand how to harness it.

For this reason, I’ve compiled a very brief, but comprehensive list of DIY generators.

1 – The Bicycle Generator:

I put this one first because it’s such a simple idea.

By turning the gears (or wheel) of your bike, you turn it into a Rotor. So you can generate electricity and get a workout at the same time.

Need to boil some water? No problem put in twenty minutes on the DIY bike generator, and you are cooking!

Need a reading light? Pedal while you read and you will have light for as long as you are on the bike!

Obviously, this requires physical labor. You won’t be heating a large household via bike-generator. But if you need electricity for small, quick tasks, a bicycle generator is a healthy way to go about it.

You don’t even need a whole bike for this setup – you can build a DIY bike generator using old bike parts. So there is no need to dismantle your prized bug out bicycle.

In the following video, they use a treadmill motor to turn leg power into electrical volts, here’s where you can get a treadmill motor.

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