7 Ways To Harness Wind Power To Survive Off-Grid

Wind power is one of the most abundant, available and easy-to-use energy sources on earth.

People learned to harness wind power in ancient times; just think about windmills and sailboats. They were used throughout our history to accomplish everything from transporting goods to discovering new worlds (think Christopher Columbus).

Obviously, things have changed as technology evolved beyond our wildest dreams, but wind power still has many uses, especially when it comes to generating cheap, sustainable power. So, if you’re a bit skilled in construction and you’d like to use wind power as an alternative source of free energy or to get off the grid completely, this article is meant to help you.

Today I’ll present you with 7 DIY projects which are designed to harness wind power that can help you survive off the grid, shave hundreds of dollars off your electricity bill, or just give you a cool science project to master for future use. You can use these projects for basically anything that runs on electric power.

A great advantage of a DIY wind-power generator is that you can build it yourself from scrap (that means low cost) and it can come in handy in areas where electricity hook-up is not available.

Project 1: How to DIY a 1-KW Wind Turbine

You can build a 1000 watt (that’s 1 kilowatt) wind-powered turbine using readily-available, cheap or free materials for powering your off-grid project, whether it be for a bug-out house in the wilderness or as a backup for your homestead.

A 1kw installation is quite large and this kind of project is usually aimed at charging a battery bank that will power or backup the respective installation.

The project consists of a permanent magnet alternator which produces 3-phase alternative current (AC), rectifies it to direct current (DC) and then feeds it to the charge controller. The magnets in the alternator produce electricity as they spin with the wind and the project uses fixed coils, which are very easy to build and to maintain (there are no brushes or slip rings required in this baby).

The magnet disks are built using 12-inch steel hydro-cut disks and the magnets are mounted on the outside edge (check out the pics in the link). The coil disk is built from magnet wire encased in resin and the bearing assembly is “stolen” from a Harley Davidson bike. The blades for the turbine are made from pine wood encased in airfoil.  There are lots of pictures and technical details, including the video below.

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