7 awesome adventure hacks you probably haven’t heard yet

From the primitive to the high-tech, these tricks will help to keep (and get) you out of all kinds of jams during your travels.

Stop blisters in their tracks: Use surgical paper tape

weird adventure hacks tips blisters“It’s kind of a ridiculously cheap, easy method of blister prevention,” says Grant Lipman, lead author of a recent Stanford University study on blister prevention. Photo: Courtesy of Grant Lipman

According to a recent Stanford University Medical Center study of endurance runners, applying the tape to blister-prone areas pre-workout is remarkably effective at preventing them (and less harsh than duct tape).

Grab a roll for about 70 cents, apply a single, smooth layer and hike or run to your heart’s content.

Escape a sun scorching: Use mud or aspen bark

Mud and the white powder found on aspen trees are both physical barriers against harmful UV light.

If you find yourself out of sunscreen and happen to be within arm’s length of aspen trees, rub your hands along the bark to collect the powder, which has an SPF value of 5, and then apply it to exposed skin.

Mud’s opacity makes it a great natural sunblock — and even when it dries and falls off, the residue will help prevent sunburn.

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