6 Ways to Go Green With Technology

6 Ways to Go Green With Technology

3. Have Virtual Meetings

Not every meeting needs to be held in person.  Instead, consider whether Webex, Gotomeeting or Skype might offer a viable alternative for your meeting.  Taking advantage of these technology tools can save on gas and other travel costs.

You can still enjoy all the same benefits of a face-to-face meeting but with less of an impact on the environment (and your budget).

4. Go Solar

Using solar power isn’t a fringe idea anymore.  In fact, it’s more affordable, accessible and prevalent in the US than ever before.

As a home-based energy source, solar power has matured rapidly in the last 10 years.  But it also has a business application. Using solar energy to power your business can help reduce operating costs and lock-in energy costs, as well as decrease your carbon footprint.

But if you aren’t ready for that drastic of a step, you can still join the movement in smaller ways by harnessing the power of the sun to keep your devices running.

Solar chargers are widely available now, and have improved a great deal in terms of overall functionality. (Plus they come in handy when you find yourself with a dying battery and not an outlet in sight.)  Many are available for $100 or less.

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