5 Unnecessarily High-Tech Golf Necessities

The iPhone doesn’t go well with many sports. You don’t see many quarterbacks stop to take a “selfie” and make a tweet while the opposing team surges forward in a blitz, and trying to text while wearing a baseball mitt is more than even autocorrect can compensate for, and if you ask Siri for the best way to make a free throw shot, she’ll just think about it for a few minutes and then offer to search the web for “three crows.” But amid all of these luddite athletic activities, there’s one game that openly embraces new technology: golf.

The only sport that allows you to conduct business while you play (and I mean mid swing), golf is a pastime that was made to promote high tech gadgets and game breaking new gear. We’re not just talking about the best golf apps for iPhone either; we’re talking about space-age tech that could change the world…or at least help you improve your backswing. Here are some of the most interesting new technologies available for golfers.

Nike TW’14

Golf is a game in which you walk (or ride) slowly over manicured lawns from hole to hole, so naturally you need the best spiked cleats that money can buy. That’s where Nike’s newest golf shoe comes into play. It grips the ground like a rabid honeybadger, and yet is still flexible and comfortable enough to wear to the—well, actually, the idea of wearing this anyplace other than on the golf course is absolutely laughable. But hey! Tiger Woods swears by these shoes, which I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with his multimillion-dollar Nike endorsement contract.

Game Golf

With a name that sounds like it was selected mere seconds before the marketing deadline, Game Golf is nonetheless a product of years of research and advanced computing power. It takes an already entertaining pastime, and it doubles your pleasure by adding in statistics and commentary on your game! All you have to do is wear some sort of strange doodad, and make use of a few other doodads (the video wasn’t all that informative as to the details), and Game Golf does the rest. It even allows you to automatically post your scores socially, thus negating one of the most beloved aspects of the game: lying.

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