As the mother of two young children, I feel a responsibility to create a home that is free of toxins and as environmentally sustainable as possible. The challenge is, with an abundance of information that seems to be constantly shifting, it’s hard to feel confident about where I should invest my time, resources, and energy.

Meet Friday, a sustainability expert and a really nice lady, who let me ask her lots and lots of questions. Friday founded her company because she is passionate about the environment, and a determined optimist, who believes “we all want to do a little better,” and that all we need are the tools to get started. She spent years at The Department of the Environment in San Francisco and launched her business to help busy families and individuals make small, but impactful, changes in their homes. Her services include customized plans and resources to “green” your entire home, sustainable baby registries, and emergency prep kits.

I was thrilled to spend the day with Friday and gain clarity about what changes will have the biggest impact for my family as well as the environment. If you want to make your own home a bit more eco-friendly, read on to learn some easy-to-implement solutions:


One of the first things Friday suggested was a simple switch from plastic food storage containers to glass. Plastic gets warped and discolored over time and also leeches chemicals into your food. 

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