5 Great Hikes in the Louisville Area

Louisville is well-known for its Frederick Law Olmsted-designed parks system. From Cherokee and Seneca Parks in central and east Louisville to Iroquois and Shawnee Parks in the south and west, locals have long known the benefits of walking, riding their bikes or running through these historical landscape beauties. But where are some good places to hike? Read on for my five favorite places nearby to ditch the briefcase and strap on the backpack.

Garvin Brown Nature Preserve

Located at the far northern end of Hays Kennedy Park in Prospect, the Garvin Brown Nature Preserve is 46 acres that sits along a quiet stretch of the Ohio River. There are two miles of unpaved walking paths that wander through the wooded areas and open fields of the preserve. Along the way, it is even possible to take a small path down to the river, which is a lovely feature of this location.

Great Louisville Hikes Garvin Brown riverfields org

The park is quiet and uncrowded. It is dog-friendly, as long as your pet is under control or leashed. From the parking lot, there is a long path to the preserve’s entrance, and this is a great area for your kids or dogs to get some of their energy out. This park is easy to access and has that all-important water view.

Great Louisville Hikes: Garvin Brown Nature Preserve
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