26 Amazing Freestyle Skiing Tricks Each and Every Skier Should Know

Fakie 180

Ski in the normal manner, with your weight centered on your feet, as you begin the Fakie 180. As you start off on the ski rail, look over your shoulder, towards your right or left, to rotate your body in that direction. As you take off the ski rail and are airborne, keep looking over your shoulder. Grab your ski tips, and then head for a landing. Release the tips as you near the landing.


As you take off to perform this trick, look over your shoulder, towards the left or right, and rotate your upper body along with it. As you are airborne, you will find your entire body along with the skis, following the direction set by your upper body. As your body spins, grab the tail of the skis, and hold on to them. While looking over your left shoulder, see your landing, and land firmly on the ground, after releasing the tail as you near your landing.

360 Safety Grab

When you begin this freestyle skiing trick, keep your body weight forward. Prepare your body to spin by looking over your shoulder, as you start off. As you reach the lip of the ski rail, go for the grab. When you land, tread heavily.

540 Tail Grab

While doing this trick, your rotation will cause your spin to slow down. So spin harder as you take off. Hold the tail of your ski with your trailing hand as you are airborne, and involve it in the spin, with your eyes over your shoulder. You are now spinning through the 360. After you spot the landing, land with your weight centered on your feet, and first on the ski tips, followed by the tail.

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