26 Amazing Freestyle Skiing Tricks Each and Every Skier Should Know

What do you do after you have learned the basics of freestyle skiing? You perform some more challenging freestyle skiing tricks. This article provides a list of tricks which every skier should learn to use.

When you are snow skiing, it is natural for the daredevil in most of you to dream about performing those numerous stunts performed by ski experts and professionals. If you have learned the basics, then you may attempt any of these freestyle skiing tricks presented here.

List of Tricks

Important:These skiing tricks should be performed under the consultation and supervision of an expert, to reduce the risk of potential injury while performing them.

This is not a list of tricks for beginners. You should know how to be able to maintain a good balance when you are airborne to perform any of these. Start by performing on a ski rail rather than immediately jumping off your favorite slope. Once you get the hang of them, you can be a true ski stunt-master!


Use twin-tip skis to perform this one. As you take off the ski rail, spin to the right or left side (wherever you are comfortable. You will land backwards when performing this trick. Keep a landing spot in mind, and when you land, keep steady. Neither bend forward, nor backward.

Lincoln Loop

As you reach the end of the ski rail, relax your shoulders, and extend your arms up on both sides, and flip your body sideways.

Lincoln Loop 180

Learn how to perform the Lincoln Loop before trying the Lincoln Loop 180. When you almost finish, look out for your landing. Perform the 180 freestyle skiing trick before you land. Land on the tips of the skis.

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