The Longest Car-Free Bicycle Routes In The Northeast

Cape Cod Rail Trail

Cape Cod Rail Trail


Though the Cape Cod Rail Trail may be short on mileage (22 miles in length) it is big on reputation. Locals and tourists alike have made this a popular bicycle route with over 400,000 users a year. Those who live in the area use it as part of their commute, while tourists appreciate the Cape Cod scenery along the route. If you’ve ever had to fight Cape Cod traffic on a summer weekend, this can be a nice change of pace. The paved route follows the Old Colony Railroad line from South Dennis to South Wellfleet with visitor centers, bike rental and repair shops, restaurants, and picnic areas along the way. The route does make road crossings where cyclists need to take caution. At the end of the trail, cyclists can continue for another mile on road to Maguire’s Landing and be rewarded with a dip in the Atlantic. For more see here.

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