20 Trail Recipes Built for and by Thru Hikers

On the Appalachian Trail, food is probably the single most important thing to a hiker. Not only is it your source of energy that carries you along the trail, it is also just about all you can ever think about! You spend a solid part of each day dreaming of getting to town and all the decadent foods you are going to gorge yourself on while there. But why not bring some of that culinary wonder into the woods with you?! Here are twenty backpacking recipes for the Trail from former and current thru hikers using items that many thru hikers carry already. No filet mignon here, but a little bit of fried Spam can go a long way! A huge thanks to all the hikers who contributed!



Trail Name: Glassman/Cubbie
Recipe: Breakfast of Champions
Ingredients: Flour tortilla, peanut butter, Nutella, hot chocolate mix, instant coffee, Snickers bar, instant oatmeal packet
Directions: On a flour tortilla, spread peanut butter and Nutella. Sprinkle on powdered mocha mix (powdered hot chocolate and instant coffee). Then place a mangled Snicker’s if you’re feeling extra hungry. Add in a packet of oatmeal and roll it up like a burrito.

Trail Name: Medicine Man
Recipe: Breakfast Shake
Ingredients: Instant oatmeal packet, Carnation instant breakfast, instant coffee, powdered milk
Directions: Take three packs of instant oatmeal (my choice, peaches and cream), three packets carnation instant breakfast (my choice, rich milk chocolate), as much or as little of your favorite instant coffee, and then powered milk. Add all ingredients to quart/liter container, add water, and shake.

Trail Name: River Song
Recipe: Crunchy Peanut Butter Pancakes
Ingredients: Maple sugar, cornbread or soft tortilla, Citadel spread or peanut butter
Directions: Put maple sugar in bowl or pot, and add just enough water to make maple syrup. Add cornbread chunks. If the bread you’re using is dehydrated, toss the bread in the maple syrup and let sit to soften a bit (dehydrated cornbread being hard as rocks). I suppose you could use tortillas for soft pancakes. Scoop Citadel Spread or regular peanut butter over the top.

Trail Name: Olive Oyl
Recipe: Blackberry cobble
Ingredients: Maple oatmeal, olive oil, blackberries, sugar,
Directions: Throw a packet of dry maple oatmeal into your pot with a tiny bit of oil and cook it. Put cooked oatmeal to the side. Add berries and sugar to pot and cook it down. Throw oatmeal on top.

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