Once upon a time, grannies used to pass household tips down the generations, like: ‘put nylons in the freezer to extend their life’. But let’s face it–new technologies and the need to save energy may have made some of those obsolete. So may we present our own version of granny’s household tips–or, ‘hacks’, if you will. Some of these you may know, some of them may be new, but all of them are guaranteed to help make your life a little bit easier, help you save money, time and energy–and they’re all eco-friendly, too!

20 Eco Friendly Life Hacks

1. Save energy and time cooling your drinks – wrap them in a wet cloth and stick them in the freezer until the cloth freezes.

2. On holiday? No headphones? No speakers? No need to buy cheap ones–this is just as good…kind of!

3. There is seriously never any reason to buy plastic clips. You already have some, in your closet!

4. Ready-made cup holders! Just drive barefoot.

5. Saves money on buying new dishes and energy on washing up–perfect for summer, too.

6. Keep razor blades sharp and fresh and extend their working life by running them across a denim jacket or pair of jeans.

7. Mobile phone fundamentals: putting it in Airplane mode charges it faster and uses less energy

8. It’s better to simply hang-dry clothing, but if you must use a dryer….

9. No need to trash old jeans just because the zipper keeps falling down. A safety pin and keychain loop will keep it up!

10. Keyboard lost a foot? Easily fixed!

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