Visit a Thousand Year Old Fir Tree

The Hollyburn Fir in West Vancouver. Just one of 15 unusual hikes near Vancouver.

The massive Hollyburn Fir in West Vancouver.

Did you know that just a few hundred meters above the fancy houses in West Vancouver’s British Properties neighbourhood there’s an absolutely huge tree? The Hollyburn Fir is over 10 meters around, measures 44 meters tall and is estimated to be about 1000 years old! You can find it at the intersection of the Brewis and Crossover Trails on Lower Hollyburn. If you only want to see the fir it’s just over a kilometre from the Millstream Road trailhead via the Millstream and Brewis trails. But a way better idea is to follow the route for West Vancouver’s Lawson Creek Heritage Walk that passes by a number of historic sites.

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