14 Sustainability Life Hacks

Before we begin, I must say, you don’t have to do each and every one of these things. We can’t all be Lauren Singers but we certainly can take an active stance in changing the status quo of being a bit wasteful now and again. I hope you find it just as enlightening and useful as I do.

In a previous article we talked about the importance of the ‘sustainable mentality’, in regard to the UN SDGs. This was mainly focused on global development and the importance to take a holistic approach when dealing with the future of others. However, the SDGs are just as important here in the UK. So this is why this article has been written, to let you know how this sustainable mentality can be incorporated into your daily lives on a smaller yet effective scale.

With the rise of globalisation and commercialism comes comfort and simplicity. It’s harder to question things when you’re warm, well-fed and calm. However, even though a lot of ‘things’ come easy here in the UK, it doesn’t mean everyone has to keep their head down and accept that this wasteful infrastructure that has been put in place should dictate how we live our lives. We all have so much control and it turns out, living a more sustainable life can be easy. I find that breaking it down into categories helps to achieve this lifestyle, as opposed to being a eco-friendly superhuman from the off.

1. Recycling, it’s the of circle of life

This one is pretty clear and has drilled itself into the brains of most people by now. No excuses, we don’t want those landfill sites overflowing. For anything that can be recycled – recycle it, don’t just throw it in the normal rubbish bin because it’s 3 feet closer. Also try not to buy goods that can’t be recycled. It’s pleasantly surprising with what actually can be recycled, like that old mobile phone that is currently sitting in the bottom of your drawer which you haven’t used in 10 years. Turns out you can recycle/donate old mobile phones for spare parts.

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