12 Hacks to Make Your Bike Flow Like a Pro’s

A selection of the most budget-friendly modifications to turn your bike from mule to missile.

The “hack” is a relatively modern term used to describe what bike mechanics have been doing pretty much since the invention of bike mechanics: Making things go faster.

Here are 12 of our favorite hacks from the pits of the UCI World Cup.

1. Steve Peat’s custom cassette spacer

When you’re a rider with the power output of Steve Peat, chances are you won’t need the full accompaniment of ‘easy’ gears. Many downhill riders prefer to jetison the valuable unsprung weight of the bigger rings and there are many aftermarket conversion kits available. Steve’s mechanic, Tom, however just cut a spacer to fit, drilled some holes to reduce weight further and adjusted the rear mech accordingly.

Steve Peat's custom cassette spacer
Steve Peat’s custom cassette spacer

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