10 Unspoken Rules That Skiers & Snowboarders (Should) Abide By

In life, there are unspoken truths—facts and ideas that are so widely acknowledged that they are not questioned, merely upheld.

Example: Nothing good ever happens after someone says, “Hold my beer and watch this.”

Sometimes these truths are ignored; the consequences are usually obvious.

Example: No tattoo should ever be inked after you’ve consumed copious amounts of tequila. ‘I’m Awsome’ is definitely not awesome and ‘No Regerts’ will most certainly cause some.

Almost every culture has these rules, whether it’s for a certain region or for a particular sport. In sports, these rules are often implied, but not explicit until you’ve been a part of the culture for a while. Mockery, whether subtle or overt, may enuse.

Skiing and snowboarding are no different. To assist those that may not yet be initiated, we’ve rounded up the 10 unspoken rules that skiers and snowboarders abide by. Well, mostly.

Rules are made to be broken, right?

10. Don’t gloat about the number of days on the mountain you have.

This rule is mostly about courtesy. Yes, it’s fantastic that you haven’t missed a day on the slopes since the start of the season, but not everyone has that opportunity. When asked, mention the number casually, but don’t brag.

Too much boasting may frustrate those who can’t get out as often as they’d like; you might end up with ski pole in your back as you disembark from the lift. (I’ve never actually seen this happen, but the idea has run through my mind a few [thousand] times.)

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