10 Top Tips To Mountain Biking In The Rain And Wet Terrain


6. Choose The Cleanest Trajectory

Just as the sudden changes of direction, this rule applies regardless of the atmospheric conditions but following it when it is rainy is essential. Choosing the cleanest trajectory means choosing the path that presents the fewer hazards even if it determines you to lose speed.

Talking about speed, we already explained at point number 3 why you should moderate it, therefore this shouldn’t affect you unless your life is depending on getting to the destination in less time.

7. Maintain Balance When Riding On Muddy Or Slippery Stretches

If the path is really muddy, or if it presents other hazards, such as slippery rocks or branches, maintaining the balance of the bike by centering your weight on the point of gravity is essential.

If the bike isn’t well balanced, losing control and falling off is easy, and depending on the characteristics of the terrain you ride on it might cost you a bruise or your life.

8. Pay Attention When Handling Curves

When handling curves on wet terrains, pay attention to the technique. You should use as much of the side of the tires as possible, increasing the footprint and consequently the grip.

It is also advisable to reduce speed and avoid braking when taking a curve on a slippery terrain.

9. Maintain An Active Drive

Remember that you should always have the control of your bike and not vice versa. This means that you will have to keep your self-control and maintain a “loose” ride regardless of the situation you have to deal with.

In this way, you will be able to respond better to any challenges the path brings and avoid losing control of the bike.

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