10 Top Tips To Mountain Biking In The Rain And Wet Terrain

3. Moderate Speed

Unless you are a world mountain biking champion, it is best practice to moderate speed when riding on muddy and slippery terrains. The reason is simple. Wet terrain plus high speed mean low control, therefore moderating speed especially in downhill will increase your safety.

Moreover, at a lower speed, you will also be able to detect the trajectories in advance and notice any obstacles that might be present on the path.

4. Pay Attention To Using The Brakes

Another important thing to keep in mind when cycling in the rain is that you have to pay attention to how and when you are using the brakes. For example, if there are rocks under the wheels when you brake, they might slip on the muddy terrain compromising your safety.

This advice is a consequence of the advice above because if you moderate speed you will reduce the use of brakes and, consequently, reduce the hazards.

5. Avoid Sudden Changes Of Direction

This is another rule that applies to mountain biking even when the weather is dry, but it certainly gets more value when applied if it’s raining. The sudden changes of directions refer to changes in the trajectory because of the presence of obstacles.


When you enter on a new path, it is always a good idea to inspect the trajectory and decide the line of direction, to avoid in this way, losing control of the bike.

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