10 Top Tips To Mountain Biking In The Rain And Wet Terrain

Rain can discourage many cyclists from going on the long-expected weekend rides, relegating the beloved bike in the shadow of a shed until the sun will start shining again.

But what many cyclists don’t know is that the true spirit of mountain biking can be enjoyed even on the rainiest days. In fact, rain can add an extra touch to a usual ride on the paths or hilltops behind your house or around your city.

Apart from the adventure consideration, riding on rainy days is also beneficial in terms of improving mountain biking techniques. On a muddy and slippery terrain is more difficult to maintain the control of the bike, therefore you will be able to improve your balance and understand how to change the center of gravity with ease.

Nevertheless, some advice is always handy, therefore our 10 top tips to mountain biking in the rain could certainly help you.  Also take a look at these 7 very useful and cheap hacks…

1. Adjust The Tire Pressure According To The Ground

Even if you are a newbie you should know by now that the tire pressure must always be adjusted to the characteristics of the ground you ride on. For instance, those who prefer road biking should have more inflated tires compared to the ones who practice mountain biking.

But the pressure of the tires if you decide to ride on a rainy day must be even lower than in dry conditions. The reason is simple, on a slippery terrain you need more grip, and to do this you need to increase the footprint of the tires by deflating them.

2. Mount Organic Brake Pads

Typically, the cycling sessions during rainy weather are not excessively long, and the cold weather together with the moist have a negative impact on the adaptability of the metal brake pads to the atmospheric conditions.

Organic brake pads, on the other hand, don’t have this downside and provide the same efficiency regardless of the temperature and air humidity. If organic pads are not for you, on the market there are also available semi-metallic pads that also have a prompt and effective braking.

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